Dualsteer® isodiametric tractors

Hyper-specialised tractors with steering acting on the central joint and front wheels.

The tractors with the Dualsteer® double steering system are unique on the market and have their strengths:

  • in the tightest turning radius.
  • in stability, even on slopes.


Super agile and compact, they prove to be the ideal vehicles both for working in orchards and vineyards with very limited room for manoeuvres at the turn space and narrow system layouts, and greens maintenance.


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The advantages vs Specialised vineyard/orchard tractors.

  1. Unrivalled turning radius and manoeuvrability.
  2. More versatile thanks to the standard reversible driver’s seat.
  3. Small and with a shorter wheelbase, for the benefit of manoeuvrability.
  4. Lower centre of gravity.
  5. Less soil compaction due to the lower weight and optimal weight distribution on the axles.
  6. More suitable for the use of attachments such as cutters, leaf strippers and fork-lifts.
  7. Better view of the rear attachments.
  8. Wide choice of tyres and wheel track adjustment.

Stability on slopes.

Isodiametric tractors have a lower centre of gravity and a 60% weight distribution on the front axle and 40% on the rear one due to the placement of the cantilevered engine.

This implies a perfect general balance (50%-50%) with the implement mounted on the rear lift, and therefore excellent stability when working on slopes.