PowerSafe® series

PowerSafe® motor mowers: multifunctional by vocation.

Thanks to the presence of the exclusive clutch in oil bath, the PowerSafe® series further expands the versatility of the FERRARI motor mowers, in addition to the traditional use with cutter bar.

In fact, PowerSafe® motor mowers can be used in several types of jobs, thanks to the many front attachments that can be applied:

  • cutting grass and forage, even in the mountain and on steep slopes
  • maintenance of parks and gardens
  • inter-row cleaning of vineyards and orchards
  • clearing of uncultivated areas
  • snow removal

To each their own model.

Whether you are an individual, a professional farmer or a greenery caretaker, the PowerSafe® series has the model that best suits your needs thanks to different technical characteristics: gasoline or diesel engines, presence of the differential, steering clutches or independent brakes are just some of the differences between the simpler and the super-professional models.

Available with mechanical or hydrostatic transmission, all PowerSafe® motor mowers have a solid but light structure that makes them manoeuvrable on any type of flat, hilly or mountain terrain.


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PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch: performance, reliability, safety and ergonomics.

The innovative hydraulic clutch with multiple discs in oil bath, patented by the BCS Group, ensures high performance, higher levels of reliability, safety and greater ergonomics.


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