Complete range of tyres and metal wheels for any type of use.


Thanks to the variety of profiles, the numerous dimensions available and the different soil compaction, the FERRARI motor mowers and two-wheel tractors perform well in all types of use:

  • agricultural
  • greens maintenance
  • haymaking

even on very steep slopes and in extreme conditions.

Pneumatic wheels.

Tractor wheels

Dimensions available:

  • fixed rim:

4.00-8 16×6.50-8.

  • adjustable rim:

4.0-10  |  5.0-10 5.0-12  |  6.5/80-12  |  23×8.50-12  |  6.5/80-15.


Particularly suitable for farming.

The thread lug design also allows for a good grip of the machine on hard and soft terrain.

As the diameter increases, the wheel increases both grip and towing force.

The adjustable rim allows you to widen or narrow the wheel track of the machine.

Wheel weights are available to increase machine weight and ground adherence.

Wheel weights
Ruote Tractor

Lug Tyre wheels

Dimensions available:

  • 20×8.00-10
  • 20×8.00-10  narrow rim.


Particularly suitable for agricultural use.

The tread lug design always ensures good machine grip on the soil but with less soil compaction compared to tyres with the Tractor profile, thanks to the wider contact surface.

Ruote Lug Tyre

Terra Tyre wheels

Dimensions available:

  • 21×11.00-8


Especially suitable for use in greens maintenance and haymaking.

The widened profile makes it possible to distribute the load and traction on a much wider contact surface with the soil, with evident benefits of greater flotation and minimum soil compaction.

Ruote Terra Tyre

Garden wheels

Dimensions available:

  • 20×8.00-10


Especially useful for greens maintenance on finer surfaces.

The low compaction profile protects the turf.

These wheels are especially useful when used with a lawn mower.

Ruote Garden

Metal wheels.

Steel cage wheels

Metal wheels available with the following diameters:

  • 43 cm
  • 49 cm
  • 58 cm


Fitted instead of the rubber wheels, they are particularly suitable for use of the two-wheel tractor with rotary hoe, plough or ridger on very hard soils.

The crosspieces placed on the circumference of the wheels penetrate into the ground making a good anchorage of the machine to the ground and preventing the wheels from slipping.

Steel cage wheels can also be used on loose and soft soils that have just been tilled, where the pneumatic wheels could sink.

To further increase grip, the 49 cm steel cage wheels can be coupled with twinning rings that double the support surface on the ground.

Ruote a gabbia

Twinning rings for steel cage wheels

To further increase grip of the two-wheel tractor, the 49 cm steel cage wheels can be coupled with twinning rings that double the support surface and anchorage on the ground.

Anelli di gemellaggio

Super Bite wheels

Metal wheels to be combined with pneumatic wheels with Tractor profile:

  • 4.00-8
  • 5.0-10


Especially suitable for mowing on sloping terrain.

Combined with pneumatic wheels, they enhance both the traction and the side stability of the machine.

Ruote Super Bite

Clawed wheels

Dimensions available:

  • 3×300
  • 4×400


Steel wheels suitable for mowing in extreme conditions and on very steep slopes.

The tread lugs penetrate the soil, considerably increasing both the traction and the side stability of the motor mower.

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