Dual Floating System™

The Earth is not a perfectly flat surface!

For attachments that must adapt to the sinuosity of the soil, following its hollows and bumps but without damaging its surface (front-mounted mowers and mower-conditioners, lawn mowers or heavy duty mowers), the BCS Group has patented the Dual Floating System™.

The DFS™ is a system that optimises the load on the ground of the attachments applied to the tractor’s third point, favouring its “floating” and making them efficient on any soil.

The features of the Dual Floating System™.

The DFS™ uses two cylinders connected to an independent hydraulic system equipped with a nitrogen accumulator which, together with those supplied with the rear lift, ensure the autonomous suspension of the implement with respect to the lift itself.

The DFS™ makes sure that the implement is always positioned parallel to the ground and allows the operator to set the adjustment of the attachment load on the ground with extreme precision, according to its weight.

Concrete advantages.

There are considerable advantages by lightening the implement applied to the rear linkage of the tractor, optimising its load on the ground:

  • reduction of tractor effort resulting in fuel saving,
  • limitation of implement impact on the ground,
  • drastic reduction of soil pollution in forage cutting operations,
  • respect for the lawn.

Specialized tractors with standard Dual Floating System™ technology.