Grass mowing

Dual Laser® cutter bar

Professional cutter bar with full operating comfort for cutting grass and foliage on any ground.


Available working widths:

  • 130 cm
  • 170 cm


Laser® bar with double alternate movement characterised by full operating comfort thanks to the reduced level of vibrations.

The transmission unit in oil bath that drives it has a double movement: blade and teeth array are moved alternately, eliminating vibrations.

All the cutter bars are standard supplied with slides for cutting height adjustment.


  • Versions available: 130 – 170 cm.
  • Fixed blade-holder.
  • Slides for cutting height adjustment.
  • High-strength tempered steel tunnel moulded tooth.
  • Strip blade cylindrical nailing for enhanced reliability and cutting quality.
  • Full thickness screws in the blade base in alloy and tempered steel.
  • Blade attachment with reinforced tempered steel bridge.
  • Rounded edged crossbar to prevent damage in case of shocks.


Laser® cutter bars

Perfect and precise cut.

BCS Group has always been synonymous with grass cutting and the over 80 years experience has made it possible to create a range of cutter bars called Laser®, to guarantee a perfect and precise cut.

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Accessories available.

If used on motor mower or two-wheel tractor with diesel engine, a 12 kg ballast is available to be applied to the transmission unit to improve the balancing of the machine at work.

Transmission weight