Laser® cutter bars

Perfect and precise cut.

BCS Group has always been synonymous with grass cutting machines and the over 80 years experience has made it possible to create a range of cutter bars for motor mowers and two-wheel tractors called Laser®, to guarantee a perfect and precise cut.


The advantages.

The exclusive tunnel moulded tooth ensures a series of concrete advantages:

  1. optimises the blade sliding position
  2. improves cutting quality
  3. increases durability
  4. avoids abrasion of the fastening rivets of the blades

The special shape of the tooth also facilitates the discharge of cutting residues, keeping the blade clean even with abundant grass.

Exclusive technical features.

Efficiency on all types of soils and reliability over time are ensured by exclusive technical contents:

  • Cylindrical nailing of blades for tenacious fastening to the blade strip.
  • Blades with heel to eliminate improper blade movements at work.
  • Newly designed blade base in alloy and tempered steel.
  • Full thickness screws in the blade base to optimise fastening the blade attachment to the base.
  • Blade attachment with reinforced tempered steel bridge to optimise its efficient and duration.
  • Professional skids to adjust the cutting height precisely.

The crossbar was made with rounded edges to avoid using side protections: in case of accidental impacts during work, the blade does not damage and is not damaged.

Dual Laser® version for absolute operational comfort!

Dual alternating movement cutter bars are equipped with fixed blade holders or self-adjusting elastic blade holders: blade and teeth array move in opposite direction for an extremely low level of vibrations.

The new central discharge blades reduce stresses and further improve bar cleaning.

Furthermore, all this drastically reduces wear caused by vibrations with a considerable saving in terms of spare parts and machine downtime.