Fields of application


Highest performance through the rows.

Working in a vineyard means moving between generally narrow rows with little space for manoeuvring, therefore conditions are not always optimal.

Hence the need for specialised equipment, developed with the aim of making farming operations easier, even in the roughest and steepest vineyards.

To achieve this aim, specialised vineyard tractors must be compact-sized, have a narrow footprint and be extremely nimble and manoeuvrable to be able to move freely between rows in any type of vineyard, including on hillsides.

This also means the need for an efficient hydraulic system, so that attachments can be used at their best, as they need to achieve the highest precision in a vineyard.

Viticulture is indeed a very demanding specialised crop in terms of quality of work, with the need to reconcile precision and productivity in order to be able to carry out promptly any job and optimise cultivation costs.

These objectives can be achieved by purchasing professional, specialised machinery.

Compact-sized and easy to handle.

Thanks to their highly professional design, FERRARI vineyard tractors are able to ensure the best performance in the vineyard.

The compact size, narrow wheel track, small wheelbase and steering radius of this range make it possible to operate without any difficulties even in the case of very narrow planting layouts, ensuring adequate manoeuvrability in entry into and exit from the rows and in the turn space.

FERRARI vineyard tractors are also compact and light, ensuring high quality in any type of operation, including work carried out with attachments that require continuous visual contact. That is thanks to the reversible driving position, which in addition to offering the utmost comfort, adds precision and operational safety to FERRARI tractors.

Ideal in any situation.

The wide range of FERRARI vineyard tractors offers the widest choice in terms of steering type, tyres and optional accessories, allowing each winery to adapt the tractor to suit its production situation.

In mountain and hillside vineyards, the specialisation of FERRARI vineyard tractors offers isodiametric models. Compared to conventional vineyard tractors, they indeed have a lower centre of gravity, which leads to excellent stability even when working on hillsides.

Versatility is another strong suit of FERRARI tractors, as evidenced by a hydraulic system designed specifically for application in the vineyard. The highest performance is ensured by the high flow rate of pressurised oil, the wide availability of directional control valves and an adequate cooling ability of the service fluid.

All that ensures the highest versatility of use of FERRARI tractors in any seasonal operation.