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Hydrostatic motor mowers for everyone.

The StarGate series opens up the approach to the hydrostatic transmission motor mowers for an even wider pool of users:

  • hobby farmers
  • demanding individuals
  • professional farmers
  • renters
  • garden caretakers

The most intuitive and comfortable use of the StarGate motor mowers allows beginners to safely use these multifunctional agricultural machines.

Multifunctional by vocation.

The vast range of FERRARI professional and original attachments is fully compatible with the new series of StarGate hydrostatic motor mowers:

  • cutting bars
  • lawn mowers
  • heavy duty mowers
  • snow blades
  • sweepers


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New hydrostatic transmission: comfort and safety.

The user benefits from the continuously variable hydrostatic transmission, especially in case of terrain that is irregular, sloping, when manoeuvring around obstacles and in general in cases where machine speed and direction are often changed.

The manoeuvre does not require any action on the clutch or gearbox, it simply requires adjustment of the EasyGrip lever, positioned on the handlebar, without releasing the driving handlebars for greater comfort in total safety.

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