Grifon series

515 SL Grifon

Motor mower with mechanical transmission and dry clutch.


515 SL Grifon is a semi-professional motor mower with reduced weight and dimensions intended for farmers and demanding individuals.

Easy to handle thanks to the presence of the differential, it is ideal for mowing grass and fodder on small and medium-sized plots of land.

Differential yes
MAX. POWER 8.6 hp


The presence of the differential provides greater manoeuvrability of the motor mower and, inserting the lock using the lever on the handlebar, provides greater adherence to the ground and easy straight forward motion.

Technical Data

Honda GP160 Honda GX270
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline
Power (kW/HP) 3.6 / 4.8 6.3 / 8.6
Starter Recoil Recoil
Transmission Mechanical
No. of speeds (FWD/REV) 2 + 2
Quick reverser of the forwarding direction Mechanical
Clutch Self-ventilating dry clutch, with manual control
Differential With lock
Power take-off Independent from gearbox at 990 rpm with engagement in oil bath
Working brakes No
Parking brake No
Implement quick hitch In option
Handlebar Mounted on silent-blocks, adjustable in height and sideways

Graph of the speeds in km/h (forward and reverse gears) with 16×6.50-8 wheels

Driving position.

  • Handlebar mounted on silent block to reduce vibrations to the advantage of operating comfort.
  • Height adjustable driving handlebars to adapt to the physical structure of the user, and adjustable sideways to also manoeuvre the motor mower on slopes.
  • Ergonomic controls and rationally positioned for quick familiarisation with the machine.
  • Quick reverser to quickly change the direction of the machine at any speed.


  • Forward motion of the machine only allowed by keeping the red safety lever activated.
  • Motor-stop combined with clutch.


The power transmission from the engine to the wheels and to the PTO is through a solid transmission in oil bath, which provides the best compromise with benefits, reliability and working life.

The conical self-ventilating dry clutch allows simple maintenance and low operating costs.


Why choose a FERRARI motor mower?


  • Motor Stop combined with the clutch.
  • Forward motion of the machine only allowed by keeping the red safety lever activated.


  • Solid and compact structure to make the motor mowers extremely light and maneuverable on all types of grounds.
  • Optimal balancing of the machine with front attachments.


  • Adjustable handlebar in different positions – to fit all types of operator – and sideways to cut on slope.
  • Handlebar mounted on silent-blocks to dampen vibrations and allow the use of the motor mowers for several hours without straining the operator.


  • Easy to locate and operate levers and controls with simple and effortless movements.
  • Intuitive and well-visible pictograms illustrate the function of all controls to the operator.


  • BCS Group is a leading Company in the sector of agricultural and greens maintenance machines. Born in 1943, it is recognized internationally for the high quality of its production.