Stage V | Articulated isodiametric tractors

Cobram 60 AR Micro


49 hp (Stage V), articulated isodiametric tractor with reversible driving position. Compact dimensions and WIDTH OF ONLY 95 CM!


Cobram 60 AR Micro is a hyper-specialised tractor intended for viticulture that requires vehicles with narrow track widths and powerful hydraulics to handle vineyard-specific equipment.

The reversible driving position (provided by standard) also makes it possible to work in a practical and safe manner both with towed and front-mounted attachments.

The fenders, essential and with a soft rubber profile, in harmony with the new bonnet are kind to the rich vegetation of the environment in which they operate.

Transmission 12+12
POWER 49 hp
Driving position reversible
MIN. WIDTH 950 mm only !

Micro | Small size

‘Micro’ is the super narrow version of the Cobram 60 AR range, characterised by a very narrow overall width: only 95 cm with 7.00-18 wheels!

Technical Data

Kohler KDI 1903 TCA – Stage V
Power (kW/HP) 36 / 49
Nominal speed (rpm) 2600
Number of cylinders 3
Displacement (cm3) 1861
Aspiration Turbo / Intercooler
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 190 / 1500
Type Isodiametric with narrow wheel track
Chassis Articulated
Driving position Reversible
Transmission 12 + 12
Synchronized reverser Yes
Drive Permanent 4WD
Hydraulic system Dual circuit with independent pumps
Heat exchanger Optional
Joystick n/a
Rear lifting capacity (kg) 1200 (at the ball joint)
Front lift n/a
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540
PTO engagement control Electro-hydraulic
Service brakes Multidisc in oil bath acting on the rear wheels
Cabin n/a

n/a = not available

Running order weight: 1590 kg

Dimensions in millimeters (mm)

Winning features.

  1. Super-compact dimensions and tight turning radius for maximum manoeuvrability even in tight spaces.
  2. Reversible driving position (provided by standard) for comfort, safety and precision work.
  3. 33.5 l/min increased flow hydraulic system with heat exchanger and flow divider (optional).
  4. Kohler 3-cylinder engine with 49 hp and 190 Nm torque.
  5. Transmission 12 FWD + 12 REV with synchronised reverser and multidisc clutch in oil bath.
  6. Four-wheel drive for working even in difficult situations.
  7. OS-Frame oscillating chassis that stabilises the tractor’s stance even on uneven terrain.

Clean power.

The Cobram 60 range is equipped with a Kohler 3-cylinder engine which develops a 49 hp @2,600 rpm – fully compliant with the Stage V emissions regulations.

Water cooled, it ensures high power with low consumption and a generous torque of 190 Nm.

The tractor bonnet opening system allows full accessibility to the engine compartment during overhaul and maintenance operations, making them quick and easy.


Maximum efficiency.

Synchro gearbox

The 24-speed synchronised gearbox (12 FWD + 12 REV) allows the most appropriate gear to be selected for the job at hand at all times, making the most of the engine power and making the Valiant 60 Ar Micro highly productive under all circumstances.

The synchronised inverter also allows rapid changes of direction, shifting from forward to reverse and vice versa, offering an important advantage during jobs requiring frequent reversals.

Long-Life clutch

The multidisc in oil bath clutch is significantly softer and better performing than conventional dry clutches.

The adoption of this type of hydraulic clutch, fitted within the transmission, results in a number of concrete advantages:

  • greater durability,
  • absence of maintenance,
  • maximum manoeuvrability thanks to the tractor’s more compact dimensions.


Constant four-wheel drive, the front and rear differential with electro-hydraulically operated and simultaneous locking, as well as the unique OS-Frame with +/-15° oscillation between the front and rear axles, ensure the tractor has maximum grip on the ground.

Premium hydraulics system.

Indispensable in hyper-specialised agriculture, and available as an option, the Premium hydraulic system includes:

  • 33.5 l/min oversized pump
  • Heat exchanger
  • Flow divider for oil management on different directional control valves
  • Seven rear hydraulic outlets


The reversible driving position provided by standard makes it possible to work professionally with the attachment positioned in front.

It takes just a few seconds to turn the operator’s module, composed of seat, steering wheel and dashboard, by 180° to work with extreme precision, quickly, comfortably and safely.

The reversible driving position becomes an essential ally working in vineyards and in the handling of material with fork-lift.


Exclusive optional devices.

Front bumper

Robust steel accessory that combines style and functionality by protecting the bonnet and radiator grille from impact.


Front ballasts

Ballast weighing a total of 110 kg, designed for mounting on both sides of the bonnet so as not to increase the size of the tractor.


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