Grass mowing

Middle cut finger cutter bar

Specific attachment for cutting grass and foliage with formation of swath, on any flat, hilly or mountain ground.


Available working widths:

  • 115 cm
  • 145 cm

Bar recommended for consistent grass cutting and haymaking with formation of swath by two conveyors.

The transmission unit that drives them is in oil bath.

All the cutter bars are standard supplied with slides for cutting height adjustment and use the traditional sharp fingers with upper tab to support the rod to be cut.


  • Versions available: 115 – 145 cm.
  • Sharp fingers with upper tab.
  • Slides for cutting height adjustment.
  • Tunnel moulded tooth with tempered steel insert.
  • Strip blade cylindrical nailing for enhanced reliability and cutting quality.
  • Full thickness screws in the blade base in alloy and tempered steel.
  • Blade attachment with reinforced tempered steel bridge.

Accessories available.

If used on motor mower or two-wheel tractor with diesel engine, a 12 kg ballast is available to be applied to the transmission unit to improve the balancing of the machine at work.

Transmission weight