Soil preparation

Ridger Ridge 2

Specific front attachment for ridging by removing the earth from the inter-row and placing it at the bottom of the plant or clearing weeds from the furrow.


The Ridge 2 dynamic ridger is different from a rotary hoe and generally works on previously tilled fields.

Both working depth (through the little front wheel) and working width (through ridge upper wings) can be adjusted.

Technical Data

Minimum power required* Width Weight
5,5 kW 750 mm 60 kg

* data purely approximate and referred to standard working conditions.


  • Plant inter-row spacing: 90 cm (standard) – 130 cm (with extensions)
  • Transmission: with gears in oil bath.
  • Working depth: adjustable from the little front wheel.
  • Working width: adjustable from the upper wings.

Accessories available.

  • Additional pair of extensions to increase the ridging width in the event of very wide inter-row spacing.
  • A 30-kg ballast is available to be applied on the attachment if it is used on motor mowers or two-wheel tractors with diesel engine.