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Sky Jump K90

Tractor with 20” front wheels and rear rubber tracks. Unique in its category thanks to the Dualsteer® double steering system.


Sky Jump K90 is a hyper-specialised tractor with mixed wheels/tracks configuration that gives the machine both the handling and comfort of a traditional tractor, and the stability and drive typical of a crawler tractor.

Unrivalled manoeuvrability combined with the low centre of gravity and a high driving torque, make it the ideal vehicle for working in extreme situations with steep slopes, even sideways, and in muddy and wet conditions where a normal tractor would not be able to work.

The low profile, pressurised and Category 4 approved “Compact Pro” cab (standard) ensures full operator protection.

Transmission 16+16
POWER 75 hp
Driving position monodirectional
MIN. WIDTH 1350 mm


The OS-Frame and steering acting both on the central joint and on the front wheels, ensure a 60° steering angle, essential for manoeuvring in narrow spaces and for exiting and entering the next row with a single manoeuvre.

This saves time, increases productivity and preserves the soil.

Technical Data

Sky Jump K90 - DUALSTEER®

Kubota V3800-CR-T-EW03 – Stage V
Power (kW/HP) 54.6 / 75
Nominal speed (rpm) 2400
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement (cm3) 3769
Aspiration Turbo
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 305.4 / 1500
Type Rubber tracks with driving position with platform suspended on silent block
Chassis Articulated and steering wheels
Driving position Monodirectional
Transmission 16 + 16
Synchronized reverser Yes
Electro-hydraulic power shuttle EasyDrive® Optional
Drive 4WD with front-wheel drive disengagement
Hydraulic system Dual circuit with independent pumps
Heat exchanger Yes
Joystick Optional. Proportional electronic control of lifts and control valves, potentiometer for adjusting the hydraulic flow rate
Rear lifting capacity (kg) 2700 (at the ball joint)
Front lift Optional, complete with front bumper and four front hydraulic outlets
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540 / 540E (optional: 540 / 1000)
PTO engagement control Electro-hydraulic
Service brakes Multi disc in oil bath with hydrostatic control, acting on four wheels. Independent manoeuvring brakes acting on rear tracks
Cabin Standard: 'Compact Pro' low-profile, pressurised and homologated Cat. 4, with heating and air-conditioning system

Engine speed: 2400 rpm

Triple advantage.

The mixed set-up, fore-carriage with wheels and rear carriage with rubber tracks, guarantees a triple advantage:

1. Less soil compaction compared to a wheeled tractor as a result of less soil pressure from the track than from the wheel.

2. Less soil damage compared to a tracked machine when steering at the end of the headland between one row and another.

3. Possibility of use on roads thanks to approval for use of roads and option to drive at 40 km/h.


Unique agility!

Dualsteer® steering system


Unique on the market, the Dualsteer® is a dual steering system that joins the central joint of the frame to the front wheels.

Dualsteer® simultaneously highlights the manoeuvrability qualities of articulated tractors with the safety and stability typical of the steering wheel versions.

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Clean power.

The K90 range is equipped with a 3.8 litre-4-cylinder Kubota engine which develops 75 hp and a vigorous torque of 305.4 Nm @1500 rpm – fully compliant with the Stage V emissions regulations.

The latest-generation Common Rail engine ensures:

  • a precise injection control,
  • a more efficient combustion,
  • improved performance,
  • less fuel consumption.
Kubota V3800



Engine and clutch are connected by a single transmission shaft which moves both the gearbox and the PTO, ensuring compact dimensions and greater steering angles.

A joint placed in the central part of the tractor allows the fore-carriage to oscillate up to 15° with respect to the rear carriage, stabilising the set-up on slopes or uneven ground, constantly ensuring maximum drive of all four wheels.

Synchro gearbox

The synchronised gearbox consists of 4 ranges and 4 speeds for a total of 16 gears both in forward motion and in reverse, with synchronised reverser.

The logical speed sequence (from 700 meters per hour to 40 km/h) makes it possible to always select the right gear for the intended use, allowing:

  • fuel savings,
  • less stress on the mechanical components,
  • better operating quality.

Long-Life clutch

The electronically-controlled multidisc in oil bath is much softer and more efficient than traditional dry clutches, always ensuring precise control of the tractor by the operator.

Using this type of advanced hydraulic clutch, inserted inside the transmission, results in a series of concrete advantages:

  • longer life,
  • no maintenance,
  • maximum manoeuvrability thanks to the more compact dimensions of the tractor.

PTO and hydraulics.

The rear PTO, which can be engaged by electro-hydraulic control, is independent from the gearbox and synchronised with the forward motion.

The clutch has multiple discs in oil bath.

The sturdy rear lift with 2700 kg capacity at the ball joints uses cat. 1 and 2 polyvalent couplings to adapt to all attachments available on the market.

The hydraulic system is dual-circuit with two independent pumps and heat exchanger:

  • the 27.7 l/min pump is dedicated to the lifter and directional control valves,
  • the 33 l/min pump is dedicated to the power steering and services. An increased system with 49 l/min lifter pump is available as an option.

An electronically-controlled joystick (optional) allows to control the entire hydraulic system of the machine.

Maximum protection!

'Compact Pro' cab

Low profile and certification Cat. 4

The low chassis with height off the ground of only 176 cm makes use under the foliage, in pergola vineyards, canopy plantations and greenhouses extremely easy.

Pressurised and homologated in Cat. 4, isolates the operator from harmful inhalations during treatments with phytosanitary agents, making the work environment healthy and safe.

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Functional design.

The Sky Jump K90 features an aggressive design yet elegant and functional, characterised by a muscular line which nevertheless provides the driver optimal visibility.

In addition to the four optical units on the front bumpers, two LED headlights above the bonnet grille increase the lit area to facilitate work at night or in poorly lit environments.


Additional options.

Front bumper

Robust steel accessory that combines style and functionality by protecting the bonnet and radiator grille from impact.

In the configuration with front lift, it integrates the linkage of third point tie rod.


Front ballasts

Ballast weighing a total of 150 kg, designed for mounting on both sides of the bonnet so as not to increase the size of the tractor.

Not compatible with the front lift.


Front lift

Front lift equipped with quick-couplings cat. 1, front bumper and four hydraulic outlets.

It is essential for combined equipment applications.

Lifting capacity: 800 kg

Not compatible with the front ballasts.