Snow removal and generic cleaning

Professional snow blade

Specific attachment for removing snow from any surface.


Made of steel, the Professional 100 cm wide snow blade is characterised by a curved shape to facilitate the rolling of the snow and can be orientated laterally directly from the driver position.

Spacer rings on rear feet allow you to adjust the ground clearance of the snow blade to prevent gravel and other material from being collected during snow removal.

The blade can also be used to handle gravel or sand.

Technical Data

Working width (A) Width Weight
1000 mm 1000 mm 61 kg


  • Steel structure.
  • Polyurethane blade end to avoid damaging the surface to be shovelled.
  • Curved shape to facilitate rolling the snow.
  • Orientated laterally directly from the driver position.
  • Adjustable ground clearance.

Accessories available.

  • 9 kg ballasts: should it be necessary to improve the balancing of the machine at work, 9 kg each stackable ballasts are available.
  • Soft blade kit for the use of the snow blade on delicate surfaces.