Snow removal and generic cleaning

Turbine snow thrower

Specific attachment for removing snow from any surface quickly and effortlessly.


The turbine snow thrower is available with working widths:

  • 60 cm
  • 70 cm


Thanks to its impellers and its duct which can be pivoted by 180° directly from the driving position, snow is collected and thrown over 10 metres.

Adjustable skids allow you to adjust the height of the turbine snow thrower from the ground and safety pins prevent damage to the impellers in case of impact.

Technical Data

Version Working width Minimum power required* (A) Width Weight
Turbine snow thrower 60 600 mm 5 kW 606 mm 44 kg
Turbine snow thrower 70 700 mm 6 kW 706 mm 45 kg

* data purely approximate and referred to standard working conditions.


  • Versions available: 60 – 70 cm.
  • Transmission: with gears in oil bath and cast iron housing.
  • Duct: made of stainless steel and pivoting by 180° directly from the driving position.
  • Adjustable skids to set the ground clearance.
  • Safety pins to prevent damage to the impellers in case of impact.

Accessories available.

Should it be necessary to improve the balancing of the implement at work, 5 kg ballast is available.

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