Greens maintenance

RollerBlade heavy duty mower

Specific attachment for the heavy duty clearing and maintenance of uncultivated land, even in sloping areas, or also for eliminating pruning residues or for controlling weeds between rows.


The RollerBlade heavy duty mower with mobile blades is available with the following cutting widths:

  • 75 cm
  • 90 cm


The Y-blades pulverise brambles, wood coppice, underbrush, vines, etc., distributing them uniformly along the entire cutting width.

Featuring transmission with gears in oil bath and a solid steel structure which ensures durability over time, the single cutting rotor is mounted on bearings that can easily withstand even the toughest stresses.

The cutting height can be adjusted easily and continuously using a crank.


RollerBlade or BladeRunner ?

Anti-scalp roller.

The RollerBlade is standard equipped with rear anti-scalp roller and a wide front opening, protected by mobile flaps, to make the flow of material to be chopped easier.

Technical Data

Version Cutting width Minimum power required* (A) Width Weight
RollerBlade 75 750 mm 6 kW 885 mm 93 kg
RollerBlade 90 900 mm 7,5 kW 1050 mm 106 kg

* data purely approximate and referred to standard working conditions.


  • Versions available: 75 – 90 cm.
  • Single-rotor with “Y”-shaped mobile blades.
  • Automatic blade brake, according to EN 12733 standard and anti-dragging free wheel.
  • Transmission: main transmission with gears in oil bath and lateral transmission with belts.
  • Front opening: protected by mobile steel flaps.
  • Rear anti-scalp roller: standard.
  • Cutting height: constantly adjustable by crank.

Accessories available.

  • Lawn mower blades, replacing the Y-blades, so as to use the RollerBlade as a rural lawn mower.