Greens maintenance

2-blade lawn mower

Specific implement for the professional maintenance of parks, sports fields, public and private gardens.


Equipped with front wheels to favour manoeuvrability, the 2-blade lawn mower has a 100 cm cutting width.

The pivoting blades are installed on blade-holder discs to reduce damage in case of shocks against stones, tree stumps and other hard surfaces.

The cutting height is adjustable easily and quickly.

The operator can use the lawn mower both with grass catcher or with side discharge without collection.

The lawn mower is also available in the single-blade version with 56 cm width.

Technical Data

Cutting width Minimum power required* (A) Width Weight
1000 mm 7,5 kW 1020 mm 91 kg

* data purely approximate and referred to standard working conditions.


  • Transmission: with gears in oil bath.
  • Anti-dragging free wheel and automatic blade brake, according to EN 12733 standard.
  • Pivoting blades on blade-holder discs to reduce damage in case of shocks.
  • Adjustable front wheels on forks for the horizontal adjustment of the cutting unit.
  • Cutting height: adjustable from 5 to 13 cm through dedicated lever, depending on position of the front wheels.
  • Grass catcher: 160 litres capacity.