PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch

Unique and inimitable.

The exclusive PowerSafe® clutch with hydraulically-operated multiple steel disc in oil bath, patented by BCS Group, not only guarantees maximum reliability but also greater operational comfort, safety and high performance in any conditions of use.

5 concrete advantages:

1. Performance

  • No overheating even if stressed for a long time.
  • Smoother engagement.
  • No drop in performance at any operating temperature.

2. Reliability

  • Simplified maintenance.
  • Practically unlimited duration even if stressed with attachments moving alternately such as cutter bars or with high inertia such as heavy duty mowers.

3. Safety

  • Built-in brake that immediately stops the machine and attachment if the handlebar is accidentally released.
  • Dual action is required to resume work in total safety: the system consists in pulling the clutch lever before being able to lower the hold-to-run lever.

4. Comfort

  • Elimination of preliminary action for engine start-up: after releasing the handlebar, the engine continues running for subsequent work resumption.
  • Ergonomic clutch lever and smooth to operate by acting on the hydraulic control valve and not on a spring as in traditional clutches.

5. Warranty

  • Extended to 5 YEARS on the entire PowerSafe® clutch unit.