Stage V | Steering wheels isodiametric tractors

Vega K90 - M.Y. 24

RS  |  MT

75 hp (Stage V) and 3800 cc professional isodiametric tractor. Low centre of gravity, wide wheel track and platform for mountain haymaking.


MODEL YEAR 24: improved ergonomics of the driver’s seat, greater hydraulic supply and full LED lights.

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Vega K90 MT – M.Y. 24 is a reversible isodiametric tractor, equipped with a vigorous torque and configured for mowing fodder in hilly and mountain areas.

The low centre of gravity and wide wheel track set-up ensures maximum stability on slopes without penalising ground clearance, for a rational flow of mowed hay under the machine.

The new “Space Clima” cab (optional) provides more room for maximum comfort in all seasons.

Transmission 16+16
POWER 75 hp
Driving position reversible

MT | Mountain

The OS-Frame with steering wheels, wide wheel track and the 4-wheel drive ensure stability and adherence even on the steep slopes of haymaking fields, in the mountains and on hills.

Technical Data

Vega K90 - M.Y. 24 - MT

Kubota V3800-CR-T-EW03 – Stage V
Power (kW/HP) 54.6 / 75
Nominal speed (rpm) 2400
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement (cm3) 3769
Aspiration Turbo
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 305.4 / 1500
Type Isodiametric with driving position with platform suspended on silent block, configured for haymaking on mountains
Chassis Steering wheels
Driving position Reversible
Transmission 16 + 16
Synchronized reverser Yes
Electro-hydraulic power shuttle EasyDrive® Optional
Drive 4WD with front-wheel drive disengagement
Hydraulic system Dual circuit with independent pumps
Heat exchanger Yes
Joystick Optional. Proportional electronic control of lifts and control valves with new ergonomic grip. Potentiometer for adjusting the hydraulic flow rate, remote control for PTO engagement and storage armrest
Rear lifting capacity (kg) 2300 (at the ball joint)
Front lift Optional, complete with front bumper and four front hydraulic outlets
PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540 / 1000 (optional: 540 / 540E)
PTO engagement control Electro-hydraulic
Service brakes Multidisc in oil bath with hydrostatic control, acting on four wheels. Independent manoeuvring brakes acting on rear wheels
Cabin Standard: 6-upright semi-cab. Optional: 'Space Clima' with heating and air-conditioning system

Tyres: 320/70 R20
Engine speed: 2400 rpm

MODEL YEAR 24: the evolution of the Vega K90 range.

New driving position with improved ergonomics, more living space and greater comfort for the driver even in reverse-drive operation.

  • Greater longitudinal travel for seat adjustment.
  • More advanced pedal position.
  • All pedals are suspended, including the accelerator, and rotate with the control tower.
  • Remodelled dashboard featuring: new steering wheel design, new hand accelerator control knob, addition of USB sockets.

Expanded range of hydraulic distributors and new oil cooling circuit to increase performance.

  • Levers for the operation of directional control valves all grouped on the right side of the driving position.
  • Added spin-on pressure filter to ensure better oil cleaning and greater protection of hydraulic components.
  • Joystick with new ergonomic grip and equipment with 7 rear hydraulic outlets.

Standard full LED lights consisting of:

  • LED road lights system, both head and tail,
  • Front LED work lights,
  • headlights and rotating cab lamp (optional) LED.


‘Special Edition’ silver & burgundy livery available as an option.

Clean power.

The Vega K90 – M.Y. 24 range is equipped with a 3.8 litre-4-cylinder Kubota engine which develops 75 hp and a vigorous torque of 305.4 Nm @1500 rpm.

The latest-generation Common Rail engine ensures:

  • a precise injection control,
  • a more efficient combustion,
  • improved performance,
  • less fuel consumption.

The rpm is electronically quickly and precisely regulated with the hand throttle knob on the dashboard.

A button allows you to memorize the desired engine speed and, subsequently, to recall / exclude the set engine speed.

Kubota V3800



Engine and clutch are connected by a single transmission shaft which moves both the gearbox and the PTO, ensuring compact dimensions and greater steering angles.

A joint placed in the central part of the tractor allows the fore-carriage to oscillate up to 15° with respect to the rear carriage, stabilising the set-up on slopes or uneven ground, constantly ensuring maximum drive of all four wheels.

Synchro gearbox

The synchronised gearbox consists of 4 ranges and 4 speeds for a total of 16 gears both in forward motion and in reverse, with synchronised reverser.

The logical speed sequence (from 700 meters per hour to 40 km/h) makes it possible to always select the right gear for the intended use, allowing:

  • fuel savings,
  • less stress on the mechanical components,
  • better operating quality.

Long-Life clutch

The electronically-controlled multidisc in oil bath is much softer and more efficient than traditional dry clutches, always ensuring precise control of the tractor by the operator.

Using this type of advanced hydraulic clutch, inserted inside the transmission, results in a series of concrete advantages:

  • longer life,
  • no maintenance,
  • maximum manoeuvrability thanks to the more compact dimensions of the tractor.

EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser.

EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser

Total control.

Optionally, the transmission can be equipped with the exclusive EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser (standard on AI-Tractor).

The practical lever, on the left of the steering wheel, allows the operator to reverse the driving direction without using the clutch pedal and without lifting the hands from the steering wheel, while always keeping the vehicle control at all times.

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Lift and hydraulics.

Dual Floating System™

Dual Floating System™

The DFS™ optimises the load on the ground of the attachments applied to the tractor’s third point, favouring its “floating” and making them efficient on any soil, even in the presence of hollows and bumps.

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The new electronically controlled proportional joystick with new ergonomic grip uses CAN-bus technology and integrates the PTO engagement button and potentiometer to adjust the hydraulic flow rate.

The adjustable armrest is even more compact, to provide more space and comfort to the operator and houses a convenient storage compartment.


The driving position is comprised of a platform suspended on a silent-block to reduce vibrations and noise.

The widened platform of the MT version increases room and ensures greater comfort even with reverse driving position.

The controls are set up ergonomically and in a way that offers easy operation, and from the operator’s seat there is a full unobstructed view of both machine and tool.

Standard reversibility.

It takes just a few seconds for the operator to turn by 180° the driving module composed of seat, steering wheel, dashboard, suspended pedals and joystick, if any.

This makes it possible to work professionally with the attachment positioned in front, constantly supervising and with extreme precision the work, to the full benefit of comfort and safety.

'Space Clima' cab.

'Space Clima' cab

Top habitability.

With a standard six-upright structure it is characterised by a large amount of room for total comfort.

The wider footboard offers optimal ergonomics both in front and rear driving position.

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Functional design.

The Vega K90 – M.Y. 24 range features an aggressive design yet elegant and functional, characterised by a muscular line which nevertheless provides the driver optimal visibility.

In addition to the four LED optical units on the front bumpers, two LED headlights above the bonnet grille increase the lit area to facilitate work at night or in poorly lit environments.


Additional options.

Front bumper

Robust steel accessory that combines style and functionality by protecting the bonnet and radiator grille from impact.

In the configuration with front lift, it integrates the linkage of third point tie rod.


Front ballasts

Ballast weighing a total of 150 kg, designed for mounting on both sides of the bonnet so as not to increase the size of the tractor.

Not compatible with the front lift.


Front lift

Front lift equipped with quick-couplings cat. 1, front bumper and four hydraulic outlets.

It is essential for combined equipment applications.

Lifting capacity: 800 kg

Not compatible with the front ballasts.

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