EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser

Total control.

The transmission of high-end tractors with 16+16 synchronised gearbox, can be equipped with the exclusive electrohydraulic reverser EasyDrive®.

The practical lever, on the left of the steering wheel, allows the operator to reverse the driving direction without using the clutch pedal and without lifting the hands from the steering wheel, while always keeping the vehicle control at all times.

For a better feeling with the tractor, the operator has the option of changing the system reactivity on 5 different levels according to the different working needs.

Operational safety.

An electronic control unit, fully developed by the BCS Group can calculate in real time parameters such as sloping, acceleration and load.

When the EasyDrive® reverser lever is operated, the control unit decreases the tractor by means of the service brakes and automatically engages reverse gear, releasing the clutch progressively.

This reduces manoeuvring times and increases operating safety.

Concrete advantages.

The EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic reverser turns out to be particularly practical and comfortable in all those jobs where several changes in direction are foreseen:

  • during greens maintenance,
  • in the handling of materials with a fork-lift,
  • in clearing show,
  • in end-of-field manoeuvres in vineyards and orchards.